Pink boxes

I stopped on my way home from work for cronuts. 

At 3:35 in the afternoon I exited the freeway because I know two things about this street. 
1) There's a gas station and I am dangerously low on gas.
2) The donut place on this street sells cronuts.

I have not been to this particular donut place before, but it's been spoken of and I've had the cronuts from there and they are fantastic.

Cronuts are my new guilty pleasure.  They are an East Coast creation, I think- a hybrid between a croissant and a donut.  They are sweet and crispy and flaky and to DIE FOR.

I had cronuts on Tuesday after my meeting.  So this is twice in one week.  I can't help myself.  They are delicious and I am a shameless fat girl who recently discovered that some donut places have drive thru's.

I pulled up to the donut place and say the sign that said Cash Only.  Having no cash on me, I decided to take it as a sign and go get some gas and get back on the freeway and go home.  I don't need another pastry this week.  I have not received any good news from my big meeting, so I have nothing to celebrate.  I'm working a lot this week so there's been no time to cook, so we've been eating out every night.  No pastries.  Move on, Julie. 

So I leave and stop at the gas station and while my tank is filling in inquire with my chat room friends if they think they even HAVE cronuts this late in the day.  The consensus is probably.  I look to my right and see a bright neon sign marking that there is an ATM inside the store.  An ATM.  Well, that's a sign too.  I could GET cash and then I would have cash on me.  The donut store is one block away.  SR really does love the cronuts as well, so it's not like it's just for me. 

I reason these things out in my head as I am already walking towards the building.  I haven't exactly made up my mind yet, but it never hurts to have cash on me, right?  I withdraw cash and get back in my car.  I know if I don't get them, I will be thinking about it all night.  This is how my food brain works.  When I want something sweet, it's almost impossible for me to focus on anything else until I satisfy that craving.  I have a horrible sweet tooth, the worst I've ever known on an adult.  I am never not in the mood for candy and when there is something sweet in the house, it is really hard to resist eating it, often in the middle of the night.

So without actually deciding to get the cronuts, I am making the left hand turn towards the sweet flaky love cakes.  This place is a walk up window (the other place I go to is a drive thru) and I see only three types of cronuts in the window. 

Vanilla Glaze, Nutella, and Oreo Cookie.  Oh my god, get in my fucking mouth.

The vanilla glaze is completely covered in glaze, and the Nutella and Oreo Cookie are simply topped with Nutella or cream and Oreos, respectively. They are $3.45 each.  Holy hell.  I consider just getting one for SR and I, but for about $10 more I could have kids singing my praises tonight as I'm already ordering pizza for dinner.  I decide it's worth it and get 5.   I opt for three Nutella and two Oreo.  The angel in the window puts the fresh strawberries in the Nutella ones and puts all but one into a pink box. 

Pink boxes are reserved for pastries.  I'm not sure when pink because the official box color for baked goods, but the sight of that pink box always makes me smile like a kid.  It's always a fun surprise to see what is inside any pink box of sweet tasty treats. 

The last Oreo cronut she has put into a clear plastic box, because she didn't want them to get smooshed in the box.  So thoughtful as now I have something to look at and adore for the rest of my drive home.  I stop to take a photo of the cronut in the clear box and post it to my friends in the chat room.  I am less worried about looking like a gluttonous fatty, and more concerned with making my friends envious at my pink boxed treasures. 

My bestie says it looks to die for.  I think to myself that if it kills me, it will be worth it.

I drive home, glad that I only got 5 because if I had gotten 6, I surely would have eaten one on the drive home, and then declared that I only got 5- one for each of us, keeping my drive-time cronut a secret.  I can be horribly immoral when it comes to food. 

When I got home, SR ate his cronut right away, offering me the first bite.  This is one of the many reasons I love this man.  While he has ordered me on the elliptical nightly, he never denies me dessert.  While his love for sweets is not half as strong as mine, he never mocks me, or my big ass. 

Now my mind is on that cronut.  The delectable Oreo with icing, and the sweet flaky cronut is on my mind and I really could care less about the pizza I'm ordering for dinner.  The cronut would be quite enough for me really- but SR would not really let me get away with that. 

Tonight is the last night of take out for at least a week.  On deadline weeks for work, I cannot make time to cook.  If I have the forethought at 5AM, I can throw something in the crockpot, but I haven't done that this week.  Or if I at least have defrosted meat that is at least a start- but I have not done that this week, so it's take out again.  Pizza is the only thing that can be delivered to our neighborhood- so that's what it will be.  They really should deliver more things.  Chinese or burgers would be great.  Mexican food would be AMAZING. 

Although nothing sounds good at the moment because all I want is that damn cronut.

I think this is going to be a problem.


Ashly Star said...

I'm a sucker for most things that contain Oreos. A cronut with Oreos sounds amazing and now I'm contemplating going on a cronut trip thanks to this post. (No worries, I don't have anything more pressing to do anyway, lol.)

Bagel Cookbook said...

Appreciate you bllogging this