Random things about me- because I am done working for the night.

I hate working, although I love my job. 

I am a jealous woman, by nature, but I am also totally aware of it, and take responsibility for my own ridiculous-ness, so it doesn't control my life.

I tend to love people forever, even if I decide I can't stand your face or that you need to be as far away from me as possible.  I am nostalgic about "the good times."

I'm optimistic about most things, except love.

I truly believe that happy endings are stories that just haven't finished yet. 

Being around my friends is one of the only true ways I can "get my mind off of things" but usually the last thing I think of.

I lose my keys daily,  Seriously, every day at some point I am looking for my keys.

Unless they are on my feet, I'm never quite sure where my shoes are.

I don't wear a watch, because if I did I would be obsessed with the time.

I drink alcohol very sparingly.

I smoke an e-cig, and probably ingest more nicotine than I ever did when I actually smoked cigarettes.

I think I'm a pretty lovely person and I never understand when people don't like me.  What's not to like about me? 

I ate deer once when I was a kid.  I thought it was delicious, but people now tell me that deer is very gamey.  I have no idea what that means. 

I know at least three people who would, without question, drive me to the airport.

I wish my boobs were bigger.  Not just perkier, but actually bigger. 

As long as I have space to move my keyboard and mouse around, I really don't care if my desk is a mess.

I have never met an ice cream flavor I didn't like.

I am certain that if I die in my sleep, my cat will try to eat me.

I once ate something that my dad said was octopus, I still have no idea if it really was or not.

I don't ride rollercoasters, because if I wanted to throw up, I'd just drink more often.

Because I am a female, ethnic, a single mother AND a widow, I think that puts me at a pretty high level of "disadvantaged" and I think I should pay less taxes because of it, even though I don't.

I am not good at my usage of apostrophes.

I don't always correct my typos because I don't care enough about not hurting the grammar and spelling nazis.

I just wrote 23 writing queues without even trying....  hey, would you look at that!!!

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