My beloved iPad

I'm blogging in bed, from my iPad. Seriously this is the best electronic device I own. It's also an incredible time waster and something I need to be careful not to let get out of hand.

I got it for Xmas this past year and it's been a lovely romance ever since. Like all good romances, you have to let it run it's course and then settle into something workable for everyday life.

When I know I've got a busy day at work, I'll leave it at home. I hate doing it- but it's my weakness. I hear the notifications and it's hard not to check and see whats going on. Perhaps one of my zoo animals has an egg that has hatched, or my dragon habitat is filled with cash- which means if I don't collect, I'm wasting time that could be in actively spent making more money. It might be a sale on decorations in my Snoopy Street Fair. Or maybe my soldiers are done training and its timw to battle. Sometimes it's my turn on Words with Friends. There's so many things it might be- and it's hard not to find out. So once I open it up and collect my dragon money- well, I may as well check everything else too- right?

All of my games can take me up to an hour to play. An HOUR!! You can see why I sometimes leave it at home.

However, it can be handy at work. I will take it to meetings with me and use the Notes application to take notes. The to do lists and the calendar are great features.

Not to mention firing up Google latitude so I can make sure my son made it to school ok- or that SR got the spawn to school on time. Really- how did I ever live without it? I mean look, here it is-12:30AM and I'm blogging with SR is asleep next to me.

However I DO need to slow this relationship down a bit. It is causing too much distraction at work- and I often lose focus and self discipline is not one of my strong suits. I'll admit to that. So tomorrow I plan to leave my beloved at home. Or at least just turn the sound off so those pesky/ wonderful notifications are less of a distraction. It won't be easy. I will have to really try hard.

And if it's too much of a struggle- there's always my iPHONE!!!

One vice at a time- ok??

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