The mom show.

Nobody REALLY cares that much when mom is not feeling good.  If I'm REALLY sick, then yes.  But if I am just feeling slightly under the weather, bad headache, cramps, or a common cold, nope.  Doesn't really matter.

This is the TRUE test of motherhood really.  How to adapt when you are #1 in responsibilities, but number #10 in getting any sympathy/  I have to visible show signs of illness.  The squinty puffy eyes, the weak and nasally voice, the fever, the vomiting, dizziness.  All of it.  I basically have to come down with SARS before anyone thinks, oh hey, mom needs to sleep, perhaps I should do something for myself around here.

Don't get me wrong, if I'm feeling under the weather, I WILL just lay down and tell the boys to make leftovers or something frozen for dinner.  I will put off housework for the duration. I HAVE to self care because if I don't- who will??  But what I get is "attitude."  The sighs, the groans.  Confirmation that I am making life "inconvenient."   It frustrates me, and makes me slightly resentful, but I get over it.

Everyone knows this too.  I get over things, dangerously fast.  There is no point in staying angry.  To me, this is a blessing and a curse.  I'm the mom, and moms being over worked and underappreciated is really not unique.  Also, I don't think that my family doesn't APPRECIATE me- because I know they do.  I just think they are sometimes selfish and thoughtless.  I'm sure I was the same, and when I got older, I was more appreciative.  I know my audience.

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