2014, a broken nail and a whole new... something.

Its funny to think I was such an active blogger when I have put out maybe 6 blog posts in two years.  Times have changed.  Right now I am blogging at a disadvantage because I have a broken nail.  Not that a broken nail is any kind of hardship, but considering how ridiculously long my nails are- having my right index finger with NO nail, makes my whole typing system feel jacked up.  i type with my nails, not my fingertips, so I that extra half inch of energy to use this finger is making me have all sorts of typos.  So if I can actually get thru THIS blog post, I guess that makes it ok.

I swear I'm so lazy.  I'm sitting here wondering if I should just get out my flip camera and have a video blog instead.

Or maybe I should just blog audio links.

Or maybe I'll get get my nail fixed and stop being a little bitch about it.

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